Create a modern outdoor space that complements your lifestyle. We tailor our solutions to you and offer practical yet stunning designs. Our experienced landscape builders Huntleys Point work with you to create your vision within budget, while adding value and appeal to your outdoor spaces and your property.

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Landscape Builders Huntleys Point

We Are Specialist Landscape Builders In Huntleys Point

At Ridgepro our team is made up of talented and qualified landscape builders Huntleys Point who are passionate about the industry and won’t settle for good enough. We are capable of working on smaller projects right through to the larger whilst keeping the same level of detail that we have gained a reputation for.

The skills required for designing and constructing a landscape are broad and we specialise in all of them, our landscaping services we provide include:

  • Decking
  • Pergolas
  • Verandahs
  • Alfrescos
  • Patios
  • Planting
  • Turf Laying
  • Paving
  • Concreting
  • Retaining Walls And Fencing
  • Masonry And Brickwork
  • Excavation And Earthworks
  • Garden Lighting
  • Irrigation Systems

In every project, our landscape builders Huntleys Point begin with a consultation to gather information about your lifestyle, house style and the outdoor space you desire. In doing this, we aim to provide you with an outdoor space that is functional, innovative and beautiful, which is also tailored to your lifestyle and your home.

A well-built landscape contributes significantly to the well-being and quality of life of everyone that sees it, because it provides opportunities to forget the stresses of life, connect with nature, refresh the mind and enjoy the beauty of sounds, smells, colors and textures. At Ridgepro we strive to make each of our landscapes well-built and beautiful.

We Will Create Your Dream Outdoor Space

Our landscape builders Huntleys Point begin with an assessment of your current outdoor space and an understanding of your lifestyle and home living environment. Our experienced landscape builders Huntleys Point will then seek to balance the elements of space, shapes, materials and colour to create a new, timeless and modern outdoor space – one that not only looks fantastic, but that suits your lifestyle.

We offer a design consultation working in collaboration with reputable landscape designers to ensure we get the right style and requirements for your landscape. We believe every garden design should reflect what the client envisaged, and pride ourselves on completing gardens on time and on budget.

Our team of landscape builders Huntleys Point are renowned for creating bespoke outdoor spaces. By working with you throughout the process, we ensure that the design works in synergy with your home. At Ridgepro every design is unique and detailed to suit our customer’s needs.

We pride ourselves on building innovative and creative landscapes that help you bring the most out of your outdoor spaces. By working in accordance with your tastes, budget and space, we help you create your dream outdoor space.

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We Are Professional Structural Landscapers Huntleys Point

Our skills in blending functional structural landscaping with your home and lifestyle to create stunning outdoor spaces has set us apart as the leading structural landscapers in Huntleys Point. At Ridgepro we are the following:

Pergola Builders Huntleys Point:

Pergolas can easily bring life to any backyard, creating an alfresco outdoor entertaining area that provides excellent warmth and character. As leading pergola builders Huntleys Point, our team at Ridgepro will work with you to design and build a pergola that perfectly suits your home and your budget.

Deck Builders Huntleys Point:

There is nothing better than sitting out on your very own modern, stylish deck. At Ridgepro, we are professional deck builders Huntleys Point providing a wide variety of decking styles and will create a deck that is perfectly suited to your existing home.

Alfresco Builders Huntleys Point:

Whether you want an outdoor kitchen, TV area or a sunroom and alfresco dining area, even a place to play pool, we are experts in designing and building a custom alfresco area for your home. Our expert alfresco builders Huntleys Point at Ridgepro have the knowledge, expertise and experience to build a unique alfresco that will flow out of your home.

Verandah Builders Huntleys Point:

Give your home a stylish and sophisticated edge with a verandah professionally designed and built by the expert verandah builders Huntleys Point at Ridgepro. With the space beneath your new verandah completely protected from the elements, it can quickly become a focus for fun, relaxation and entertainment all year long.

Our Landscape Builders Huntleys Point Process

Our landscape building process at Ridgepro varies according to the size of the area, the type of land and the elements that are being used, but in general landscape construction involves the following six steps:

  1. Preparing The Area – this first step involves removing unwanted elements, for instance weed-infested turf, tree stumps or even a deck area that is going to be replaced. Once we have eliminated all unwanted elements, we prepare the ground and if necessary, excavate the area so that we have the level or sloped surface that we need for the landscape.
  2. Constructing The Hardscapes – hardscapes are man-made elements, such as pathways, patios, retaining walls, pergolas, etc… Constructing hardscapes often is the most time consuming part of the process, so this second step can take several days / weeks to complete.
  3. Planting The Softscapes – softscape elements are the trees, bushes, grass and plants in the landscape. At Ridgepro, we often create layers by mixing plants of different heights, shapes, colors and leaf patterns to give the finished landscape height and depth.
  4. Installing All Accessories – once we have the main hardscapes and softscapes in place, it is time to install landscape accessories. The category of landscape accessories is very broad and includes everything from artificial turf to accent lighting and irrigation systems. Once the accessories are added the landscape really begins to come together and show its beauty.
  5. Adding The Final Touches – the next to last step in our process is adding final touches to the outdoor space. This can include spreading mulch, pruning overgrown plants, painting an area, laying ceramic tile, installing an outdoor sink and much more.
  6. Cleaning Up – last of all, we go through the whole landscape to double-check our work and also clean up.

Pergola Builders Huntleys Point

Have A Free Consultation With Our Expert Landscape Builders Huntleys Point

We see the garden as an extension of your home so it’s important for us to get to know you first. We begin with a meeting at your home to discuss your brief and assess the existing conditions. We like to get to know how you live and how you intend to use the space so we can tailor your design to really work for you and your lifestyle.

We get an understanding of your lifestyle so we can create an outdoor space that works for you, whether that be low maintenance if you lead a busy lifestyle or perhaps a plant heavy landscape to showcase beautiful greenery. We also take into consideration any issues like safety, excessive sun, drainage issues so we can ensure your outdoor space aims to combat any potential issues.

During the visit we also get an understanding of the land we have to work with. Having a good idea of the space and type of land that we will be landscaping helps us to determine what plants to use, where to install elements of the hardscape and also how much material we are going to need.

We also pay special attention to scale and proportions at the concept stage. The beauty of a landscape is determined by how well its different elements complement each other. In order to maximise the beauty of the landscape, we hold all the elements in the landscape to a scale that fits the surrounding environment and keep them in proportion to each other.

We Provide Both Hard & Soft Landscaping Services

The team at Ridgepro provide both hard and soft landscaping in Huntleys Point, spanning outdoor area design and construction, paving, horticultural installations to building an alfresco.

Whether you need to work with innovative professionals to devise the perfect landscape or require a team of skilled landscape builders Huntleys Point to carry out excavation, pergolas, decking or anything in between, you can rely on Ridgepro to create an amazing outdoor area.

As the hard landscaping & construction will form the template of your final garden design, it is important to get it right from the very start so that the finished product is both beautiful and lasting. Our in-house expertise and experience ensure you get a quality outcome that you can feel very proud of.

We also provide soft landscaping to complement your outdoor space. We can help you create a planting scheme that is beautiful & practical and suits both your aesthetic and lifestyle. Working with the site & the microclimate, while accommodating the levels of garden maintenance you wish to undertake, we can recommend a range of plants that will flourish in your unique circumstances.

Why Choose Us

At Ridgepro we have built an enviable reputation as some of the leading landscape builders in Huntleys Point. As a one-stop landscaping service, we provide everything from landscape design Huntleys Point to structural landscaping Huntleys Point.

Our professional landscape builders Huntleys Point understand that communication is key. We’re breaking away from the stereotype of trade services being unreliable. As your landscape project progresses, our client focus is reaffirmed, continuing a seamless landscaping experience.

We are all about exceeding client expectations and providing a seamless, enjoyable landscape design and construction experience. At Ridgepro we offer you:

  • A free design consultation, to help you create the outdoor space you deserve
  • Fixed prices, allowing you complete control over the project
  • Fixed completion times, giving you peace of mind
  • 6-year compulsory structural warranty on construction, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor space for years

Our number one priority is quality. Our experienced landscape construction team is committed to delivering high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail when constructing your outdoor space.

We value quality and uncompromising attention to detail, this combined with our responsibilities as a registered builder will ensure you a seamless client experience.

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The Ridgepro Guarantee

At Ridgepro, we include a 3 month defect period after handover with all our projects. One of our defect managers will attend to inspect and assess any defective work needing rectification. We will also provide you with a hand over package including all manufacturing warranties and manuals. We also have the 6 year compulsory structural warranty. At Ridgepro you can rest assured you are in safe professional hands.

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If you would like more information or have any questions regarding our landscape builders Huntleys Point service, the friendly team at Ridgepro are happy to help! If you would like a consultation and no-obligation free quote, contact us today. Our number is 0432 715 239 or you can fill in our simple contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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We are an accredited construction company with over 10 years’ experience in the industry.

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